Why Get One?

A stunning aquatic display in your office or home can be the perfect interactive piece to "wow" your customers, employees and family. With customized displays, your office or home can have a personalized, high quality aquatic display without the hassle and enormous costs generally associated with it. If improving the mojo of your office isn't enough though, studies have also shown that customers are willing to wait longer and that their wait is more pleasurable when there is a fish tank in the waiting room. Research has also shown that fish tanks create a calming and relaxing environment which can have beneficial effects to a customer's and employee's mental, emotional and physical state.

What Is Included?

Our aquarium leasing service packages include everything you can imagine. Our services are  hassle free and we are always just a call or email away from any questions you might have.

Our packages include:

  • A high quality tank
  • Aquatic wildlife
  • A stunning aquatic environment
  • Replacement services for all of our equipment, including aquatic wildlife
  • Monthly tank cleanings, water testings and water changing
  • Monthly supplies of food